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Service Overview

Every year, millions of Americans file their taxes. Some prepare their tax returns by themselves, while others hire third-party firms like Cooper Taxes & Insurance. Why hire an outside firm? As your taxes get more complex, you face the risk of not filing them correctly. That could lead to hire than necessary tax payments and potentially IRS audits. If you ever have any doubts, it likely makes sense to hire an expert.

Types of filings

We help individuals, contractors, businesses (C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnerships) and investors prepare any type of return and file applicable credits.

Tax consulting

If you're dealing with complex tax challenges, we're happy to clarify any questions and help you create a clear plan to move forward.

Tax preparation

At Cooper Taxes, we customize our services around your needs. We make sure to understand your finances or business completely, so that we can help you minimize your tax obligation. We help individuals, contractors, investors and entrepreneurs throughout Florida, the United States and the whole prepare their US federal taxes.

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