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About Health Marketplace

The federal healthcare marketplace (Obamacare) focuses on making quality healthcare accessible to all US citizens and legal residents. In every state, you can select from various health insurance companies like Oscar, Ambetter, BlueCross, and United Healthcare. There are difference types of plans (bronze, silver, gold) that provide different levels of coverage for doctor's visits, prescription drugs and major surgeries. However, all plans are requires to provide a minimum level of coverage and cannot exclude those with pre-existin conditions.

What's covered

Obamacare covers routine checkups, preventative care, specialist visits, prescription drugs, emergencies and major medical expenses. Separate plans can be purchased for dental care.

Costs & Subsidies

Obamare health plans provide discounted premiums and deductibles for families earning less than 200% poverty level.

Compare and find the plans available

At Cooper Taxes & Insurance, we try to understand each client's unique situation to guide you in selecting the best plan. We help you determine what coverage is needed based on your family's medical situation and your preferred providers, then we try to find the most affordable plans for that coverage level, weighing all cost factors: monthly premiums, deductibles, and max out of pocket expenses.

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